Your privacy and our use of Cookies

Canary Radio WA uses cookies on its websites to provide you with a better and more user-friendly website experience.

Cookies are small files that are placed on your device by websites which collect information about your use of those websites. Different types of cookies are used for different purposes. There are cookies that are active for a single session which, for example, help to facilitate the completion of forms or surveys. On the other hand, persistent cookies are stored on your device and help websites remember your information and settings when you visit them in the future.

Canary Radio WA uses cookies for various purposes which include:

  • to allocate an identification number to your Internet browser (you cannot be identified from this number);
  • determining if your browser has previously visited the website and remembering your settings/preferences;
  • tracking and reporting on website usage;
  • personalising your experience, including your access to services that we provide on our websites. For example, providing customised content, support and advertising that may be relevant to your interests and needs;
  • activity on our website (including the identity of the website that linked you to ours);
  • activity information where we place our advertising (known as targeted advertising);
  • whether you have followed links on our website and activity information where we place our advertising (known as targeted advertising);
  • details about your browser when you interact with us, including your IP address and technical information about the browser and device used, such as monitor colour and resolution, connection type and carrier etc;

Whilst no personally identifiable information is collected or logged, you can choose to change your browser’s cookie settings via your browser privacy settings, including blocking the use of cookies. If you choose to delete or block cookies, your experience on the Canary Radio WA website may be limited.