Yalla Yalla is a Perth-based progressive rock act who quietly released their debut EP “Centre Yourself” in 2015. The six-track release is a journey through the band’s musical development and has been described by their peers as “one of the best releases to come out of Perth in recent times”. Yalla Yalla have been writing new material for the follow up five-track EP “Tides” and in early 2017 commenced recording with plans to release late the same year. Tides showcases how Yalla Yalla have refined their sound, and the coherent layout of the tracks, together with flowing interludes you would expect to find on a concept album, demonstrates significant artistic growth since their debut.

The band is known for energetic live performances that have to be seen to understand what a powerhouse these guys are. It’s clear that they live to perform and love every second that they spend on the stage. Combining the melodic aspects of bands such as Radiohead with the energetic riffage of At The Drive In, Yalla Yalla paints with a truly unique sonic palette.