Feature Artist – Big Girl’s Blouse (July 2017)

About our Feature Artist

BIG GIRLS BLOUSE are a young exciting band who have been developing their sound over the last 3 years. They play their own version of alternative pop music, mixing indie-pop, reggae, and dance music, along with catchy, melodic lyrics, delivering hit after hit of feel good anthems.

Gig Review

LAST NIGHT: Mid Year Prom – Amplifier Bar
Thursday July 6, 2017

I will start this review off with the embarrassing truth that, I did not go to my school prom. So this, in all honestly, was my very first prom. I didn’t touch the spiked punch, and I remember everything……..EVERYTHING!! Well everything that is, except the last time I actually went to Amplifier which is kind of sad. I’ve been to Capital plenty of times for gigs, but I feel I have neglected Amps, sorry old friend.

But I digress, onto the business at hand. We were there to review our July feature artist, Big Girl’s Blouse, and the boys didn’t disappoint.

It was damn cold, but that certainly didn’t stop some dedicated folk from turning up in their best prom outfits. Some tuxes, some dresses, some all out ballgowns, and much more.

As what normally happens when you open a show, it was a smaller crowd to open with. But the presence of this band made it feel like they were playing to a room full of people. They got the room moving, with some dancing down front, playing a collection of their originals and a couple of covers thrown in for good measure. I was surprised to hear a rendition of “Bear Necessities” thrown in, but it was very well done.

This was a very tight set and these guys can play. That, coupled with a high level of professionalism and very well rounded sound makes this band one to definitely check out. Props must also go to the sound desk for the night as well, making everything sound sweet as.

My song picks of the night were Bear and a Friend and One Night Stand. If you haven’t checked these guys out, then do yourself a favour and find their next gig.

Gig Photos

Thanks to the guys from Big Girl’s Blouse for sending these in. Full credit goes to their photographer as we forgot to bring our camera on the night. #awkward