Big Orange are a 5-piece indie rock band from Perth, WA.

The original band – Tom (keys), Daniel (guitar/vox), Holly (bass), Chris (drums) and Emma (synth) – grew up in the Harvey, a country town in the South West. We all lived together in an old farm house which played host to the ritual ‘Friday Night Rum & Jam Night’, these were loud typically carried on until the sun came up. That house was old, real old, so old that one morning while we were in bed nursing our hangovers, the roof caved in. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Once the plume of dust had settled over every inch of our belongings, we dusted ourselves off, gathered what we needed and moved to the city. Rumour spread through the town that we had “rocked the roof down” – this is not even a lie. Most likely source was our landlord gossiping to the local hairdresser, the way all small town urban legends are spread.

These days the band line-up has changed a bit, we have recently welcomed Russell Loasby to drums and Michael Georgieff to bass. We are still in the city, we still get together on a Friday, it still ends with rum.

We have been spending a lot of time with close friend and WAM nominated sound engineer Daniel Carroll at Rada Studios the last few months and are now looking forward to sharing our debut EP ‘Streets’ with you all. It’ll be out later on in the year.