24 year old self-taught guitarist and songwriter Annick Phan found a love for songwriting, music and performing after receiving her first guitar for christmas in 2004.

From a very young age, Annick and her twin sister Eilise enjoyed everything musical. Starting with piano lessons and choir in primary school and Annick moving on to drums at the age of 11.

It wasn’t until Annick picked up a guitar and taught herself that she realised her love for songwriting. During her final years of high school she joined forces with her twin sister to create the duo “5 Feet Short”. Collaborating together with her sister allowed her to expand her skills in songwriting and learn from the experience.

Both the sisters went to university and this is where their paths in life and musically started to split. Annick joined forces with Perth band Wait For Nothing for a short while before deciding to pursue a solo career.

Annick is influenced by bands such as Paramore, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Courage My Love. If you were to describe Annick’s sound it would be an acoustic version of the three bands, combined with a sprinkling of Ed Sheeran on the top.

“There is so much more for me to learn and so much further for me to go but im enjoying writing songs and playing music right now” Annick Phan